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Amanda Winkelsas

Dr. Amanda Winkelsas is Director of the UB Teacher Residency Program and clinical faculty in the Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York.

Assume Good Intentions: Lessons for Responsive Family Engagement

Amanda Winkelsas shares the case for teachers, students, and parents to all be involved and lessons around positive family engagement.

Differentiating Family Engagement

Amanda Winkelsas discusses how we can do more in our schools and classrooms by preparing educators to differentiate family engagement.

Design Thinking, or What an English Teacher Learned From Working With Web Developers

Amanda Winkelsas explains that she has learned that the design thinking approach is just as useful for building the technology tools for lesson planning and curriculum mapping as it is for doing the lesson planning and curriculum mapping itself.

Making Connections: Beginning to Measure New Skills That Matter

Deep and sustained engagement in connection-making and critical practices are foundational to developing not only global competence in our students, but developing engaged, informed citizens.

Relationships As Engagement: Understanding the Whole Child

In schools across the country, it is quite common to hear teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators talking about student engagement. But as Amanda Winkelsas explains, the path to student engagement is not always as direct as a teacher, coach, or administrator would hope.