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Jamie Back is an Upper School STEAM Teacher & Makerspace Coordinator at Cincinnati Country Day School. Follow Jamie on Twitter: @jmeb96

How Will Work Change in the Coming Decades? A Pittsburgh Case Study

According to the report “Still Hiring Humans: The Future of Work in Pittsburgh and Beyond,” workers of the future might change jobs as many as 15 times in their lifetimes. What should schools, employers, and communities focus on to prepare students for the future of work? Analyzing the report through the lens of an educator, Jamie Back summarizes her top takeaways.

Making the Most of Student Reflections

By: Jamie Back. Jamie shares how she uses several online tools to gather and respond to student reflections about such things as their mindset, study strategies, and understanding of topics.

Inspiring Serendipity in the Classroom

Jamie Back discusses how as a teacher you can create serendipity in the classroom and provides suggestions on how to cultivate it yourself.

Student Choice to Prepare Students for the Future of Work

Jamie explains why the future of work's rapidly changing landscape requires our students to be flexible in their learning and why student choice is so important.

Cultivating An Innovation Mindset in the Classroom

According to GenDIY, people who have innovation mindsets possess qualities such as “perseverance, initiative, collaboration, tenacity, and curiosity.” How can classroom teachers give students opportunities to develop an innovation mindset and build these important skills? Jamie Back offers a few ideas.

The Importance of Understanding Technology, Coding & Computational Thinking

To many students, technology is still a black box that requires a tech support person to fix, and according to Jamie Beck, this needs to change.  For students to be successful in the future, they need to become competent and confident with technology—and troubleshooting—in various forms.

A Look at MakerBot Education

3D printing is being used to support STEM integration, design thinking and more all over the country. Jamie Back explores MakerBot Education's resources.