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Enabling Personalized Learning to Trust the Future

Sir Ken Robinson, a public lecturer and author, says we must enable creativity and risk-taking thinking for our future, because our current education system has trained it out of most present generations.

Not Change for Games, But Games for Change

A non-profit that seeks to use video games to tackle education issues, poverty and human rights is having a four day festival at Parsons School of Design from May 24-27 in New York City.

Peel Back the Data Veil, Induce Systemic Change

Chris Hoehn-Saric of Sterling Partners, investors in Connections Academy, says transparent use of data grounds business and education in a fact-based system.

Mayoral Control Leads to Improvement

They used to say it wouldn't work, but now skeptics of mayoral control are saying maybe Michelle Rhee is correct.

Take This Job and Understand It

Guest blogger Jason T. Bedell, a librarian with a jones for technology, gets ready to leave his library media specialist role in a public school. He leaves his staff and admin with some thoughts about what it really means to mix tech with literacy efforts.

This Ed System Needs a Boost

Guest blogger Dan Maguire has a background in computer technology training and teaches 3rd and 4th grade at Marcy Open School in Minnesota. He says that the public school system is not geared for tech, but it could be. Tech and learning go together.

Torrance Robinson: What Happens when NYC Loses its Education Jobs?

Torrance Robinson reveals the big reveal at the end of his talk about eChalk and how it got started. After being asked about education budgets and how services like his are bought by districts, Robinson says that it will be interesting to see whole swathes of education jobs lost because of the utilization of choice in what is basically a blended learning environment.