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Stephanie Shaw is Teacher of the Year at Mooresville Intermediate School in North Carolina, and a Digital Scholar with the DigiLEARN program. Follow her on Twitter: @stephshaw413.
Group of students who have just finished a breakout room

How to Create a Breakout Room Activity in Your Classroom

I have never seen students more excited about solving addition and subtraction problems than they were with this breakout room activity I created. Here are directions for you to implement this great project in your classroom.
Teacher Students Classroom

Personalized Learning with a Plan of Action

Like most teachers, I found myself overwhelmed trying to individualize learning for a classroom full of students with different strengths and weaknesses. Here's how I have successfully implemented personalized learning in my inclusion classroom.
Kids reading on tablets

8 Tech Tips for Differentiating in an Inclusion Classroom

As an inclusion classroom teacher, it became a priority for me to find ways to use technology to reach my students with disabilities. Here are eight of my favorite tech tips for differentiating in an inclusion classroom.

Student Activities to Promote Diversity, Inclusion and Empathy

Here are several classroom activities I recommend trying with your students that promote empathy and diversity and have a positive impact on classroom culture.

3 Ideas to Make Your School’s First Open House Rock

Open Houses are often the first opportunity we teachers have to get off on the right foot with our new group of students and their parents, so here are three ideas I use to help make our open houses a success.

7 Ways to Build Better Relationships with Students

Taking the time to build caring relationships with students is key to success in the classroom, but this is often easier said than done. Here are seven ways I use to ensure my students know they are loved.

7 Game Changer EdTech Tools to Personalize Your Classroom

There are thousands of edtech tools out there to help personalize your classroom, but here are seven that I found to be game changers for my teaching and my students' learning.