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Generation Do-It-Yourself or #GenDIY is a thought leadership campaign born out of a new generation building a global economy and experiences that are impact driven and entrepreneurial. Over the past year, eduInnovation in partnership with Getting Smart and supported by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation crowdsourced 100+ contributions from various thought leaders, entrepreneurs, educators and advocates focused on supporting this new generation creating new pathways through education into careers they love. You can read more at Generationdoityourself.com.


Understanding Why We Work Should Inform Education

Regardless of the instructional approach, teachers are tasked with creating a pathway to work for their students. Michael Niehoff and countless other teachers are trying to unlock the magic of how we can maximize and optimize the internal desire to work.

What if Students Designed Their Education?

There are many conversations today about 21st-century skills and what skills students may need for the future and how to drive their own learning. A look at how we could change the look of schools and learning as we all prepare for the uncertainty of the future of work and learning.

Redefining Readiness: New Literacies

Readiness has become a popular way to describe the mission. Are our students ready? Many like college and career ready. Others like Future Ready. In Part 1 of Redefining Readiness, Michael Niehoff focused on Pedagogy and Courses. For Part 2, he explores new literacies.

Cultivating An Innovation Mindset in the Classroom

According to GenDIY, people who have innovation mindsets possess qualities such as “perseverance, initiative, collaboration, tenacity, and curiosity.” How can classroom teachers give students opportunities to develop an innovation mindset and build these important skills? Jamie Back offers a few ideas.

Taking Charge of My Own Learning

By: Shannon Yang. Taking a gap year after graduating high school this year means taking ownership over my learning, rekindling the spark of my love to learn and ultimately preparing myself for success once I do attend to college and join the workforce.

Review: The Future of Jobs and Job Training

With the emergence of new educational and training programs to suit the changing job market, what does a graduate profile look like? In this post, I look at PEW Research's recent report: The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training.

EdTech 10: Leadership Lessons

This election season has been exciting and made many of us consider the attributes of leadership we admire most. This week's top ten stories show examples of the kind of leadership we admire.

Novelty & Complexity: 13 Youth Onramps

The world is getting more complex, and globalization makes every sector more competitive. Here are 13 ways teachers can prepare students for the novelty and complexity they will face in a new world.

Generation Do-It-Yourself (GenDIY) Toolkit: Stories to Inspire You and Tools to Get You Started

GenDIY is a thought leadership campaign born out of a new generation building a global economy and experiences that are impact driven and entrepreneurial.

Setting First-Year, First-Generation College Students on the Bridge to Success

By: Nicole Howard. Summer bridge programs fill in the gap of being college ready, helping first-year, first-generation or any student looking for extra support in a new environment start out on a successful path.