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The new thing in education is working in networks. And there’s good reason because the demands of the work have outstripped the toolset. We’ve (probably) reached a point of maximum complexity where more teachers are shooting for broader aims but with old constraints and inadequate tools and supports. The answer is working together in networks. This series explores how formal and informal networks improve learning outcomes for students and create an opportunity for high-quality, personalized learning at scale. In addition to this series, Tom and Lydia Dobyns have co-authored a new book titled Better Together: How to Leverage School Networks for Smarter Personalized and Project Based Learning which shares strategies to build and scale effective school networks, as well as information on leadership, business models, governance, school supports, and advocacy that will go a long way for creating an environment where school networks thrive.


The Shift to Innovation Through the Power of Networks

Our latest report, How to Innovate: Options for School Districts explores innovation opportunities and identifies New Tech Network as an exemplar design partner for comprehensive school change.

Diploma Networks: A New Way to Help Schools Adopt Broader Outcomes and Next-Gen Learning Models

Diploma networks can offer schools a promising approach to adopting new outcome frameworks and learning models to help better prepare students for the future.

Why Schools Should Bridge the Generational Divide

By: Julia Freeland Fisher. Julia reviews the lessons about bridging the generation gap in Marc Freeman's book, " How to Live Forever."

Building 21: Bold Outcomes, Innovative Model, Next-Gen Network

Building 21 is leveraging its network to promote access to personalized and competency-based learning for students through their outcome framework.

Who You Know: Relationships are an Undervalued Asset for Students

By: Mary Ryerse and Michelle Berkeley. What happens when we help develop students' social capital? Mary and Michelle share what they learned in Julia Freeland Fisher's new book, Who You Know.

The Evolution of the Denver Public Schools Portfolio

Denver Public Schools is the district to watch when it comes to portfolios. Tom shares how the DPS portfolio model is the one to watch.

Network of Place-Based Community-Connected Rural Schools Receive Grant to Expand

Small community-connected schools sharing resources in networks & leveraging local learning opportunities may be the solution to the rural education decline.

Building and Leveraging Networks to Scale Innovation in School Districts

CRPE recently interviewed 450 educators across 17 cities about how they attempted to personalize learning, and then researched how policies supported or impeded innovation. This new report outlines their findings.

The Need for Revolutionary Networks

By: Chris Unger. Existing structures and practices often beget the continuation of such structures and practices, but networks can inspire and empower us to rethink and pursue a new reality in our educational ecosystems.

Career Academy Giant NAF Gets an Upgrade, Expands Access to Work-Based Learning

The leading career academy network, NAF, is shifting from a focus on design principles to certification of career-ready knowledge and skills.