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In this year-long campaign titled “It’s a Project-Based World,” Getting Smart explored the economic realities of a project-based world as part of the equity movement to ensure all students are prepared for college, career and citizenship. The purpose of this project was to promote equity and access to deeper learning outcomes for all students. We cultivated a blog series exploring topics around the preparation of students, teachers and leaders for a project-based world. In addition to the blog series, the campaign included podcast interviews, publications, infographics and speaking engagements. For more see our It's a Project-based World campaign page.


Purdue Poly: Driven By Equity, Solving Community Challenges

Join Tom and Emily on the blog as they share Purdue Polytechnic High School's mission to promote equity and provide students with hands-on, team-based, challenging learning experiences.

Be Anything

By: Brandon Goon and Willy Golden. Brandon and Willy deliver Be Anything, a web app that helps students work on personalized paths in school, manage their projects, gives teachers the context they need to provide just-in-time feedback.

Platform Skills Tighten Focus on Effective Communication

David shares his excitement around the development of platform skills in the education sector and outlines five key platform skills to enhance PBL frameworks and improve a students’ ability to effectively communicate for a purpose and to a target audience.

Carnegie Learning and One Stone High School: A Powerful Partnership

By: Allison Parker, Caitlyn Scales and, Sarah Galasso. Carnegie Learning and One Stone have partnered to equip students in finding their purpose and passion through student-centered learning. Authors share a look at One Stone's students and faculty and the Carnegie learning approach.

Learning Gardens Provide Equity, Access and Great Food

Caroline Vander Ark has long appreciated community and school gardens but worried that they often didn’t connect to student learning and create a lasting impact. However, when she heard about the work of Big Green she was intrigued and reached out to Kate Waller, who manages their national growth to learn more.

Brain Research, Creativity and Project-Based Learning

Does brain research support the belief that if you want to produce a student outcome such as creativity you first must build a classroom culture in which creativity can grow and then you must adopt a pedagogy (like PBL) that allows it to bloom? David Ross explains.

Back to the Future with Tom Vander Ark

Tom recently made a guest appearance on the We're Doing It Wrong Podcast to chat with Joe Pazar and David Michael Slater about his new book and the future of education.

Community Defined Projects at Health Leadership High

A visit to project-based Health Leadership HS, a talent pipeline and advocacy organization for a healthier community in Albuquerque, NM.

HQPBL Case Study: School21

Through high quality Project Based Learning, students are developing robust and deep subject knowledge that is both cross-curricular in nature and can easily be applied to real-world problems and challenges.

Training Today’s Learners To Be The Hired Guns Of Tomorrow

Our students will need to continually learn about and apply current developments in technology, global collaboration, market opportunities and emerging industries to win in this new economy. How do we give students both the mindset and the skillset to not only survive, but to thrive?