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The Smart Planet series seeks out stories from educators and organizations (around the world) addressing social justice, civil rights and equity. Find out how leaders are teaching in light of these new challenges. Move beyond collection of resources to actually doing.


On Creating a University for the Planet

By Tom Vander Ark. University for the Planet is a big idea. But it just might start small with a few people coming together in community, sharing what they know, and making a contribution.  

10 Innovations that Support Students’ Community Contributions

How many of us recall our elementary and secondary education experiences truly mattering outside the four walls of our schools? Surely our parents, relatives or neighbors saw some value in what we studied, but few if any programs focused on supporting students in community outreach and impact. Thankfully, that’s changing. There are many exciting digital…

How Writing and the Arts can Contribute to Beautiful, Meaningful International Projects

By: Cora Bresciano. According to the Asia Society, “the arts play a critical role in shaping a student's worldview in ways that are at once deeply personal and universal." Here, we look at how that relationship can lead to powerful global learning experiences.

Whittle School & Studios: Transforming Education for Global Good

To develop the Whittle School, a world-class staff, informed by a global academic advisory board and leading-edge partners, developed a school model that incorporates 10 important innovations that set the new standard for quality education. Learn more here.

Canadian in Paris: The Life and Work of an International Educator

In this episode of the podcast, Tom sits down with Daniel to learn more about his life as an international educator, the American School of Paris, Daniel's goals and challenges and what he thinks all American educators should know about international education.

How Schools Around the World are Tackling Social Justice – Part 2

In this post, we hear from teachers at three global schools to learn more how they are integrating social justice into their classrooms.

How Schools Around the World are Tackling Social Justice – Part 1

Are there social justice issues going on within your community, and how do you address them within the context of your school? In our new #SmartPlanet series, we're seeking and sharing the voices of schools and educators striving for equity and social justice.

Capitalism that Works for Everyone

An innovation economy will produce tremendous benefit and wealth--and both will be concentrated unless we decide otherwise. To extend US leadership in the innovation economy we’ll need to update our form of capitalism.

Samsung Creativity Lab–And What it Means for Education

Tom recently traveled to Seoul and got to take a look inside Samsung's Creativity & Innovation Lab. Here's what he saw and what a C-Lab incubator could look like for education.

Bridging Continental Divides with Virtual Music Collaboration

By: Mary Kay Altizer. My students who had the opportunity to virtually collaborate with their global counterparts are still collaborating together, and I like to think they'll maintain these international bonds for the rest of their lives.