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Smart Teachers is for celebrating the work of powerful educators working to innovate classrooms and provide high-quality learning experiences.


Transforming Professional Learning With Micro-credentials

By Brenda A. Pearson. As a lifelong educator, my professional learning experiences have run the gamut from self-study to week-long intensive institutes. These experiences have increased my knowledge, but few bridged the gap by impacting my instructional practice. The distinction between an impact on knowledge and practice is at the crux of professional learning reform discussions.…

Even More Ways for Ed Leaders to Make Teachers Feel as Important as They Are

Michael continues to share the importance of creating a culture of appreciation and offers a few additional ideas for educational leaders to show continued support for teachers so that they can become their personal and professional best.

A Pedagogy of Possibilities: Social Justice Delivered Through Literature and Writing

Developing a framework for a socially just school through literature and writing goes beyond the classroom to lessen apathy, enhance relationships and solidify student ownership.

Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning

Inspired by the growing popularity of AI in pop culture and media, as well as more adaptive learning programs being released, Michelle Zimmerman realized change was coming for both what and how young people should learn and set out to write "Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning".

Design Thinking, or What an English Teacher Learned From Working With Web Developers

Amanda Winkelsas explains that she has learned that the design thinking approach is just as useful for building the technology tools for lesson planning and curriculum mapping as it is for doing the lesson planning and curriculum mapping itself.

How the Micro-Credential Revolution is Transforming Professional Learning

Listen in to this week's new podcast episode to hear from Tom Vander Ark and BloomBoard's Jason Lange on how micro-credentials have the power to transform professional learning for educators, making it competency-based and personalized.

How Personalized Learning Fosters Trial, Error and a Healthy Dose of Risk

By: Brandy Holton. Infusing some of these principles into your work and creating your own innovative projects and lesson plans can empower students rather than lecturing them which can leave you with an inspiring a-ha moment!

Give Greatness: Recognizing Teachers Who Inspire Us

Teachers are more than just educators. They are our coaches, our confidants, our counselors and so much more. They shape us in ways we never thought possible. It’s time to give back and say thank you to the teachers who made the biggest impact on our lives.

“The Professional Grade Teacher”

What makes a teacher professional? How can we truly define a professional grade teacher? John Hardison shares 31 ways to describe the nearly indescribable.

7 Creative Ways Schools and Teachers Can Fundraise

By Vlada Lotkina and Marcia McInnes. Teachers who pay out of pocket for school supplies are, sadly, the norm. But where public funding fails, digital innovators are stepping in with fresh ideas. These seven tools can help alleviate this burden.