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Next-Gen Career Prep at St. Vrain Innovation Center

Tom visits the Innovation Center, part of St. Vrain Valley School District, where the students study how drones can support cybersecurity, robotics assist with biotechnology, and engineering in infused in entrepreneurship.

Service Learning: Designed to Motivate and Inspire

By: Liz Pitofsky Part of the thrill of facilitating The Service Learning Project (SLP) is seeing the incredibly positive impact on youth of all ages, and there are consistent trends: Students are excited to participate in, but even more so to lead, the process. They are passionate about working together to help solve a social problem…

What I Learned When I Studied Six Chicago Schools Transforming to Personalized Learning Environments

By: Rich Halverson. Much was learned after an in-depth study on how personalized learning was implemented in six urban schools partnered with LEAP Innovations.

Podcast: Connie Yowell & Paul LeBlanc on Extending Access to Higher Ed from Chicago to Rwanda

Today we speak with Connie Yowell, CEO of LRNG and EVP of SNHU and Paul LeBlanc, President of SNHU about the importance of the merger between Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and LRNG and how they are extending access to Rwanda.

Podcast: Peter Janzow on the Digital Credential Revolution

Today the Getting Smart team is talking with Peter Janzow, the Vice President of Business Development for Credly about the digital credential revolution.

Planning the Pilot: Successes and Lessons Learned from Western Academy of Beijing

Program pilots can be powerful learning experiences as well as safe ways to test-drive innovative education ideas. Schools have a unique challenge when piloting. Ultimately, the risk may seem high, as there is a commitment of the school to ensure high levels of academic achievement for all students. Consequently, there may be resistance from all…

How Digital Portfolios Empower Student Ownership of Learning

By: Kathy Rogers. “When one teaches, two learn.” This quote from Robert Heinlein has resonated with me throughout my 28 years in education. In my career, I’ve employed a variety of instructional strategies, but a constant has been my desire to connect with my students to help them—and me—learn and grow. Educators must continuously reflect…

Beyond Report Cards: Louisville Students Use Portfolios to Curate and Defend Their Personal Learning Record

The close of the school year brings the joy of graduation and promotion ceremonies across the country. Students, teachers, and parents reflect on the learning and growth of the past year and look forward to the new opportunities and experiences in the school year to come. As a way to document this progress, students are…

ISTE19: More Teaching & Learning, More AI and More Equity

By: Rachelle Dene Poth and Tom Vander Ark. Rachelle and Tom recap ISTE19, the 40-year-old and largest edtech conference in the country that took place June 23-26.

Agilix’s Publish Anywhere Delivers Learning Content to Any LMS

The Getting Smart team shares more about the launch of Agilix's new product Publish Anywhere, powered by Buzz that enables content providers to deliver best-in-class courses and learning content to customers.