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Deeper Learning

Deeper learning is simply what highly effective educators have always provided: the delivery of rich core content to students in innovative ways that allow them to learn and then apply what they have learned. Rigorous core content is at the heart of the learning process; true deeper learning is developing competencies that enable graduating high school students to be college and career ready and then make maximum use of their knowledge in life and work.


Podcast: Abby Falik on the Benefits of Global Service

Today the Getting Smart staff speaks with Abby Falik, CEO of Global Citizen Year, a life-changing global immersion between high school and college.

Eduprotocols: Facilitating Student Collaboration, Creativity and Ownership

Michael Niehoff discusses the Eduprotocol Field Guide, a series of prescribed workflows and systems published by Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern.

One Stone: Where Purpose Meets Impact

By: Dr. Lindsay Portnoy. As schools like One Stone work to infuse applied learning into education, learners see the relevance of the skills they learn and find ways to map that knowledge on to meaningful work today and in the future. Learn more here.

Three Strategies for Providing Top-down Support for Bottom-up Change

The Colorado Education Initiative partnered with Stanford University’s School Retool Fellowship to empower Colorado school and district leaders to be the agents of change for equitable deeper learning.

How Digital Portfolios Empower Student Ownership of Learning

By: Kathy Rogers. “When one teaches, two learn.” This quote from Robert Heinlein has resonated with me throughout my 28 years in education. In my career, I’ve employed a variety of instructional strategies, but a constant has been my desire to connect with my students to help them—and me—learn and grow. Educators must continuously reflect…

Tips for Successfully Implementing SEL

By: Kristen Kopczynski. While incorporating SEL skill development in schools is not always easy, it's just as essential to students' success in the future.

Making the Most of Student Reflections

By: Jamie Back. Jamie shares how she uses several online tools to gather and respond to student reflections about such things as their mindset, study strategies, and understanding of topics.

Podcast: Jal Mehta on Provoking Deeper Learning in High School

Today's podcast features deeper learning advocate Jal Mehta as he shares observations from the many schools he visits and discusses his new book, In Search of Deeper Learning: The Quest to Remake the American High School.

The Evolving Role of School Scheduling

By: Erin Werra. As we gaze into the future of K12 education, what scheduling changes do we see budding? How are these changes affecting the health of kids—and the community?

The Path to Reading Requires Quality Curriculum

High-quality, aligned instructional materials, particularly foundational skills curricula, are integral to addressing reading literacy challenges and ensuring all students have access to the skills they need for success in college and career.