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The Path to Reading Requires Quality Curriculum

High-quality, aligned instructional materials, particularly foundational skills curricula, are integral to addressing reading literacy challenges and ensuring all students have access to the skills they need for success in college and career.

Augmented Reality in Kindergarten?

By: Katrina Youdale. The benefits of introducing AR to young learners supports collaboration, improved communication and empowers self-directed learning. These skills will support students throughout their holistic learning continuum and prepare them for innovations connected to the future of learning and work.

Priscilla Chan Hired Superstars to Reinvent Primary Education

A look at the all-star team Priscilla Chan built to lead The Primary School and how they’re demonstrating the benefits of integrated health and education.

Reggio Emilia: The Future of Learning Has Roots in the Past

By: Beth Holland. Numerous current initiatives focus on creating personalized learner experiences through modern trends such as high-quality project-based learning (HQPBL) and design thinking. However, this pursuit to deliver learning that fuels each whole child has its roots in the Reggio Emilia Approach that Loris Malaguzzi first envisioned in the 1940s.

How Can Children Aspire to Careers They Don’t Know Exist?

By: Ed Hidalgo. By connecting exciting career options to learning, class work becomes more valuable, reinforcing the idea that school is a path to something that can be fun and rewarding. This district doesn't think career exploration is a "big kid only" topic.

Quality Early Learning Makes Tulsa a Great Place to Grow Up

Tulsa, Oklahoma is providing quality early learning for all. Tom shares how the city is able to provide leading edge programs and what is making them successful.

How the Primary Grades Can Save Us: Growing American Reading Comprehension

By: Cindy Jiban. When NAEP convened a panel of reading experts in early April, the primary grades got called out as one potential culprit of lagging results. What needs re-evaluating in K-3 literacy? Here, we look at a couple starting points.

Reggio Emilia: An Inspiring Approach to Early Learning

In Reggio Emilia, an early childhood approach that has evolved over the past 50 years, schooling is based on the pedagogies of listening and relationships. A great deal of children’s work is done in small groups, grounded in meaningful projects. Learn more here.

Early Learning Strategies for Developing Computational Thinking Skills

We live in a world with Smartphones and Smarthomes, and understanding how devices work allows us to approach technology as a partner to help us solve problems. Here's how we can start giving kids these skills sooner rather than later.

3 Future-Ready Strategies for Early Learning

In order to help our young students excel in project-based environments, develop cultural competencies, and strengthen social-emotional skills, we must continue to encourage curiosities rather than compliance, questioning rather than silence, and play rather than excessive structure.