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Project-Based Learning in Lights, Camera, Action

By: Paul F. Brown. How well does filmmaking in the classroom conform to the Framework of High Quality Project Based Learning? A semester in review.

Kahoot!: Kid’s Game That All the Fortune 500 Companies Use

By: Tom Vander Ark & Rachelle Dene Poth Launched in 2013 at SXSWedu, quiz platform Kahoot! was a hit; it spread virally. Now, more than half of U.S. teachers and students use Kahoot! But you probably knew that. What you may not know (we certainly didn’t) is that more than 97% of Fortune 500 companies…

Eduprotocols: Facilitating Student Collaboration, Creativity and Ownership

Michael Niehoff discusses the Eduprotocol Field Guide, a series of prescribed workflows and systems published by Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern.

Flipgrid Adds Free Career Decision Making Resources

Flipgrid continues to add more to an already robust platform when it comes to helping students to connect learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Earlier this summer at ISTE 2019, Flipgrid announced many new updates and features, which left many educators looking forward to returning to the classrooms where they could start to use the new features.…

Exploring the Future of Education through Neuroscience, EdTech and Literacy

Neuroscience researchers, education technology experts and literacy experts recently converged to discuss the Future of Education at the AIM IGNITE event.

Amplify Storytelling in the Classroom with 3 Tech-Enabled Projects

By: Robert Sevilla. Middle school teacher Robert Sevilla suggests three EdTech projects to ensure students are not merely consuming technology, but instead learning to leverage digital tools in a variety of ways to amplify their ideas.

The Best Impact Story in Education Keeps Getting Better

Curriculum Associates is the best edtech success story in America, in several ways. Eleven years ago, Rob Waldron took the helm of a small New England workbook publisher and turned it into a digital learning leader. The flagship adaptive instructional product, i-Ready, is now serving 7 million students and educators and recently provided its billionth lesson. In…

Smart Review | The Jade Robot Teaches Coding Better for Less

You’ve heard about LEGO and Little Bits kits, and you’ve probably seen the cute little Dash and Dot robots. But there is the little robot from Ontario with more features at about two thirds the price. The Jade Robot from Mimetics was designed to transform the way children learn to code. John Maamary, VP Business Transformation,…

Promoting a School-to-Home Community

One area that educators might reflect on over the summer is how to foster a better connection between home and school. There are so many tasks that we have to do on a daily basis and without a doubt, our primary responsibility is to provide the best learning experience and support for all of our…

When Does Inequality Grow? A Seasonal Analysis of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in K-8 Learning

Summer is the long-awaited season for many Americans, especially students. Aside from summer reading assignments and the occasional extra-credit project, summer is the time when students can collectively take a breather from homework and tests. The break from the school year, however, can bring on the dreaded “summer slump”: a backslide in academic skills when…