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Podcast: Susan Patrick on Transforming Education Systems for Equitable High-Quality Learning

Today the Getting Smart team interviews Susan Patrick, CEO of iNACOL about high-quality learning and five global trends in learning.

When NExT Is Now

By: Lindsay Portnoy. How could we use experiential learning to reframe educational problems as opportunities and make learning more equitable globally? Over 100 educators representing thousands of educational settings across the country recently gathered at Northeastern Experiential Learning Network (NExT) to discuss this important question. The NExT network is a hub of innovation- and activation-inspiring…

Earn & Learn Banking: Stackable Credential Career Pathway in Financial Services

Keyona was stuck in dead-end retail jobs. She knew she needed a change but didn’t know where to start. Last fall, she received an email from the coordinator in the first-time homebuyer assistance program she was enrolled in at Mi Casa Resource Center (@MiCasaDenver). The email highlighted financial services technical training at the center. Keyona first learned…

Three Strategies for Providing Top-down Support for Bottom-up Change

The Colorado Education Initiative partnered with Stanford University’s School Retool Fellowship to empower Colorado school and district leaders to be the agents of change for equitable deeper learning.

When Does Inequality Grow? A Seasonal Analysis of Racial/Ethnic Disparities in K-8 Learning

Summer is the long-awaited season for many Americans, especially students. Aside from summer reading assignments and the occasional extra-credit project, summer is the time when students can collectively take a breather from homework and tests. The break from the school year, however, can bring on the dreaded “summer slump”: a backslide in academic skills when…

Podcast: Vince Bertram on Transformative Learning Experiences

The Getting Smart staff speaks with Vince Bertram about how Project Lead the Way is leading the way through transformative learning experiences.

Creating Digital Equity for Students Requires Community Effort

Both geography and socioeconomics have left millions of students and communities without access to high speed Internet, preventing them from attaining full educational and economic inclusion.

The Evolving Role of School Scheduling

By: Erin Werra. As we gaze into the future of K12 education, what scheduling changes do we see budding? How are these changes affecting the health of kids—and the community?

Improving Organizational Culture: Discovering Your Core Strengths

Organizations are comprised of unique individuals with varying strengths and talents who are all working together to carry out the organization’s mission, vision, and personality. Strengths assessments are great tools to help an individual uncover their strengths and talents.

Serving Students With Special Needs: Five Key Values We Instill in Our Leaders

By: Toni Barton. One graduate school of education shares how they work with leaders to incorporate five values that they've found make a powerful difference in empowering exceptional special education learners.