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Next-Gen Career Prep at St. Vrain Innovation Center

Tom visits the Innovation Center, part of St. Vrain Valley School District, where the students study how drones can support cybersecurity, robotics assist with biotechnology, and engineering in infused in entrepreneurship.

Podcast: Connie Yowell & Paul LeBlanc on Extending Access to Higher Ed from Chicago to Rwanda

Today we speak with Connie Yowell, CEO of LRNG and EVP of SNHU and Paul LeBlanc, President of SNHU about the importance of the merger between Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and LRNG and how they are extending access to Rwanda.

Two Engaging NYC High Schools: Maker Academy and iSchool

In Gerry Irrizary’s maker lab (featured image), young designers use 3D printers to prototype sneaker insoles, fashion designer skateboards with laser cutters, and implement the latest strategies in user interface to plan new mobile apps. The lab where teen dreams come to life is on the fourth floor of a city block-sized austere 1970s school…

Making the Most of Student Reflections

By: Jamie Back. Jamie shares how she uses several online tools to gather and respond to student reflections about such things as their mindset, study strategies, and understanding of topics.

Agilix’s Dawn Academy: Anytime, Anywhere Professional Learning

  Last fall, Agilix announced that its new mobile-first, video-centric learner platform, Dawn Academy, would be coming soon (see our announcement and smart review posts); and now they have begun to unveil more of Dawn Academy’s capabilities. Educators can check out the platform by enrolling in free courses, and content providers can still reach out to Agilix to…

Agilix’s Publish Anywhere Delivers Learning Content to Any LMS

The Getting Smart team shares more about the launch of Agilix's new product Publish Anywhere, powered by Buzz that enables content providers to deliver best-in-class courses and learning content to customers.

How User Design Can Impact Engagement and Learning for K-12 Students

By: Danielle Reid. Daniel shares how user interface (UI) design and, more broadly, user experience (UX) design – can be the deciding factor for the level of impact an education application or platform has on a student, particularly in the K-12 market.

Global Classroom: How 65,000 Teachers are Teaching Over Half a Million Chinese Students Online

A look at how the world’s most valuable online education company, and the fastest growing startup in all of China, is teaching over half a million students English and creating a great place to work for teachers.

Supporting Student Success in Online Learning

By: Dov Friedman. In honor of Digital Learning Day, Dov shares how online learning gives students convenience and flexibility but there are a number of barriers standing in the way of student success in an online environment.

4 Reasons to Attend the Inaugural Digital Learning Annual Conference

If you're not already planning to be part of the inaugural Digital Learning Annual Conference in Austin this spring, you should add it to your list. Here are four reasons why (hint: one reason may be a discount code just for our readers) we think you should attend!