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Project-Based Learning in Lights, Camera, Action

By: Paul F. Brown. How well does filmmaking in the classroom conform to the Framework of High Quality Project Based Learning? A semester in review.

The Future of Work Fits Some Employees and Students to a ‘T’

Employees with T-shaped skill sets are in demand. Schools and colleges can evolve instructional practices and course design to help graduates develop T-shaped skill sets.

Next-Gen Career Prep at St. Vrain Innovation Center

Tom visits the Innovation Center, part of St. Vrain Valley School District, where the students study how drones can support cybersecurity, robotics assist with biotechnology, and engineering in infused in entrepreneurship.

Podcast: Abby Falik on the Benefits of Global Service

Today the Getting Smart staff speaks with Abby Falik, CEO of Global Citizen Year, a life-changing global immersion between high school and college.

Can Learning Be Both Powerful and Boring?

By: David Ross A couple of weeks ago, I opened the door to my new classroom and faced a line of sixth graders eager to meet their teacher. I don’t know who was more nervous: me or them. This was my 11th year of teaching, so the nerves should seem out of place. I do…

4 Ways Project-Based Learning Prepares Students For the Future of Work

By: Michael Niehoff. Michael demonstrates how high-quality project-based learning effectively advances students’ core skills for the future of work.

Making PBL Stick Part 2: Leading a Reflective Year

By: Jenny Pieratt Are you an instructional leader looking for small ways to make big shifts that move your staff forward in their project-based learning (PBL) practice this year? Hint: your power move is all about reflection, and I’ve got you covered with practical strategies from the trenches! Consider any number of the following ideas…

Making PBL Stick Part 1: All It Takes is 5 Minutes

By: Jenny Pieratt. Jenny details how to make project-based learning (PBL) stick this year through a 5-minute reflection.

Service Learning: Designed to Motivate and Inspire

By: Liz Pitofsky Part of the thrill of facilitating The Service Learning Project (SLP) is seeing the incredibly positive impact on youth of all ages, and there are consistent trends: Students are excited to participate in, but even more so to lead, the process. They are passionate about working together to help solve a social problem…

Culturally Relevant PBeyL: Exploring the Example Set by Beyoncé’s ‘Homecoming’

By: Michelle Sadrena Pledger Tears of joy stream down my cheeks as I watch beautiful black women and men of every hue, height, shape and shoe size artfully move their bodies in ways that display unity and uniqueness. With a smile on my face and in my heart, I listen to the melodic sounds of…