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Permission to Feel: The Link Between Emotional Intelligence and Academic Success

Skills and experiences are a big part in how students develop success, but one area that we may have traditionally ignored is that of emotional intelligence.

Educators: 10 Ways to Make Time for Self-Improvement

As an educator, summer is a time for me to focus on a lot of things that tend to slip by throughout the school year. One of the most important is self-care. In order to bring our best selves to our classrooms and our schools, we must make time for our needs each day. Making…

How Schools Can Cultivate Courage in the Face of Fear

By: Tyler S. Thigpen Audrey felt the blood draining from her face. As a tenth-grader studying American literature, she’d experienced this sensation many times before. She’d read the book. Of course she’d read the book. And when her teacher asked the class a question about the conclusion, she looked straight at Audrey. Then the dreaded…

Podcast: Pamela Cantor, M.D. on Childhood Development

On today's podcast, Tom Vander Ark is speaking with Pamela Cantor M.D., a leading expert on childhood development.

Back to School

By: Pam Moran Everyone knows what that means for our kids—shopping for new shoes, maybe something new to wear, all the requisite supplies on the list from glue sticks to markers, even boxes of tissues to donate to the class supply closet. Across America, local community members are also filling up parked school buses in…

Four Trends Influencing Education

A fitness tracker changed my life—it changed how I think about goal-setting and monitoring my exercise, it changed the intentionality of my travels, and it created a new global community of people who share my interests. I’m not alone; about a quarter of U.S. adults use some kind of tracker. The quantified life is one…

Thinking Ahead: Getting Ready for the New School Year

By: Rachelle Dene Poth. It’s hard to believe that the summer break will be ending soon, signaling the start of a new school year. Although many educators enjoy having a period of time to relax and recharge with family and friends, the summer break presents opportunities for educators to participate in professional learning and to…

Is My Child Ready? Broadening Conceptions of Back to School Readiness

By: Erin Gohl and Kristen Thorson Most parents awaken to the dawn of summer with the best intentions of continuing their children’s learning during the weeks spent out of the classroom. As May turns to June, we look forward to the weeks ahead with hopeful, idealistic refrains running through our heads: This summer, we are going…

Developing Purposeful Peak Performers

By: Tim Klein It was at mile 16 of the Boston Marathon that I “hit the wall.” My entire body was giving out on me and I wanted to quit. I had started the race strong, passing hundreds of other runners. Now, runners on both sides were effortlessly passing me. My legs were killing me…

Portrait of a Graduate: 5 Things to Keep in Mind

By: Angela Duffy A truly student-centered school design process demands that educators form a deep understanding of the students and communities they plan to serve, including the goals and aspirations of students. In Springpoint’s work with school designers nationally, we ask partners to work with students to develop a joint vision of the experiences, assets, skills,…