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Next-Gen Career Prep at St. Vrain Innovation Center

Tom visits the Innovation Center, part of St. Vrain Valley School District, where the students study how drones can support cybersecurity, robotics assist with biotechnology, and engineering in infused in entrepreneurship.

Smart Review | The Jade Robot Teaches Coding Better for Less

You’ve heard about LEGO and Little Bits kits, and you’ve probably seen the cute little Dash and Dot robots. But there is the little robot from Ontario with more features at about two thirds the price. The Jade Robot from Mimetics was designed to transform the way children learn to code. John Maamary, VP Business Transformation,…

How an Indianapolis Nonprofit Transformed American STEM Education

Almost half of American public secondary schools use an active project- and problem-based approach to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education that shows learners how knowledge and skills may be applied in everyday life. The popular curriculum doesn’t come from one of the big publishers. It’s from an Indianapolis nonprofit with a unique name:…

Space Education Allows Students To Dream Big

We are a few weeks away from the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s historic moon walk. Celebrate the event by engaging your students in projects, lessons, activities and field trips focused on space exploration.

Taking the Guesswork Out of Science

By: Regina Ahmann. Technology is increasing the accuracy of science experiments and putting the power of data, information, and insights into students’ hands.

Why Math and STEM Education is a Social Justice Issue

By: Dr. Gina Cherkowski. Emphasis on mathematics as a driver for high-quality STEM and its translation to life is a continued element of learning design. Join Dr. Cherkowski as she unpacks multiple angles to include social justice, equity, assessment of growth and opportunity.

Thinking With Your Hands

As children think with their hands and represent their thinking through the arts, they can make sense of science, technology and engineering.

How to Introduce your School to STEM: The 5 Most Important Factors for Success

STEM helps educators cultivate and build skills with learners that will be necessary as we prepare them for the Future of Work. STEM should be fun, short, collaborative, manageable and visible. Join Kyle Wagner as he unpacks his journey with STEM through a 5 step place to start.

Building a Kinder World: How Maker Education Can Solve Problems and Foster Empathy

By providing tools and mindsets for real-world problem solving, maker education encourages the development of essential academic skills, creativity, and empathy. Alesha Bishop delivers a powerful blog on the integration of social emotional learning that equips students to invent solutions to the problems they see in the world.

Podcast: AI4K12 Guidelines and Getting Students Passionate about Computer Science

The Getting Smart team speaks with Dr. Christina Gardner-McCune about getting students passionate about computer science.